There are many medical conditions that can lead to insomnia such as; restless leg syndrome, Asthma and Arthritis.

There are also several adults that experience insomnia due to tension, excessive worrying and feeling overwhelmed.

Cannabis and cannabis extract products such as Tinctures and Edibles are very effective at combating Insomnia. CBD has effects on the body such as sleepiness and relaxation. Indica strains of cannabis are primarily used for their calming effects and have a higher concentration of CBD. By ingesting cannabinoids, their relaxation and pain reduction effects allow sleep to come.

Recommended Products

Kushy Punch Gummies (Indica)

Kushy Punch¬†offers a wide variety of gummy strains. For insomnia, studies suggest that indica cannabis can combat insomnia. Indica cannabis is known for it’s pain fighting properties as well as sleep aid. A bonus with edibles is the duration of the effects. Since edibles are broken down in the stomach, their effects may not be felt for upwards of two hours, but this slow release allows intermediate users a non-overwhelming experience.

AbsoluteXtracts Sleepytime Tincture

The¬†AbsoluteXtracts Sleeepy-time Tincture offers 450mg of THC condensed into a 15 ml tincture. It’s easy to dose with the tear drop tincture, and with organic ingredients you can be assured you are getting a clean product. This tincture can offer over 30 doses in a single bottle.

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