Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric illness affecting children and adults. An estimated 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorders.

THC produces psychoactive effects that some may find helpful for anxiety, but for others it may exacerbate existing worries. CBD is the leading cannabinoid in treating anxiety, known to act on serotonin receptors. It may help regenerate brain cells that are lost or damaged as a result of chronic anxiety and depression. New or infrequent users should give attention to their dosing, tolerance/sensitivity and environment when discovering what work best for them.

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Papa and Barkley 30:1 (CBD:THC) Tincture/Capsule


Papa and Barkley’s¬†CBD dominant tincture will give users a clarity and calmness without experiencing any psycho-active effects. The tincture method takes effects relatively quickly. Some experience results in as little as a couple of minutes, but for most alleviation is around 15-30 minutes. Over time Cannabidiol (CBD) can help regenerate brain cells that are lost or damaged as a result of chronic anxiety and depression. With an easy to read and easy to dose tincture method, you can be assured you are taking the correct dosage.


Papa and Barkley¬†also offers the same CBD dominant oil used in their tinctures in their capsules. There are key differences between the tincture and the capsule. While the tincture is fast acting and lasts for up to a few hours; the capsules will not take effect until at least an hour after ingestion. However, the capsules duration of effect is far longer than that of the tincture. The capsule can last anywhere from 4-7 hours depending on your metabolism, what you’ve eaten and how THC reacts with you.

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